Diversity and Inclusion Statement


The Vallejo Community Arts Foundation strives to reflect and celebrate the diversity of the City of Vallejo through our programming, artists, board and partners. We are dedicated to creating an environment which celebrates the beauty of our shared humanity and the ability of the arts  to unite our residents to live healthy, fulfilling lives free of racism, poverty, violence and other systems of oppression. We believe that focusing on race and racism, will lead to positive outcomes for all oppressed communities.


We are aware that it is the responsibility of cultural institutions to create structures that dismantle biased traditions and practices. We are committed to providing basic race equity training to all staff, board of directors and other key volunteers.


We are actively working to embrace historically marginalized communities in our work by addressing specific areas of known under-representation:


  • ensure our artistic output is reflective of our community and our goals surrounding equity, diversity, and inclusion

  • develop and implement action plans that target the removal or mitigation of specific racial barriers within our structure

  • ensure that hiring processes and staff management practices are inclusive and respectful of BIPOC populations

  • actively reach out to BIPOC populations for employment and volunteer candidates

  • review vendor practices for greater inclusion of minority business enterprises

  • Establish relationships and partnerships with under-represented populations as stakeholders in the neighborhood and community-at-large