Current Sponsorships

The Vallejo Community Arts Foundation wants to help arts organizations and performing and visual artists raise money for their artistic work. We provide accessibility, efficiency and affordability. We also provide education and support for raising funds.

There is a passionate community of philanthropic individuals, charitable foundations, and government institutions devoted to funding the arts. The challenge is that many independent artists and small companies lack the 501(c)(3) tax status that makes them eligible to apply for grants and incentivizes individual gifts. Additionally, when an artist launches a nonprofit, there’s little time for making art. The day-to-day business of administering a tax-exempt organization leaves little room for anything else.

We want artists to spend time making art, not filing paperwork. With fiscal sponsorship, you can solicit tax-deductible donations and apply for grants without going through the onerous process of launching a 501(c)(3). The sponsored project might be a one-time or ongoing collaboration for an independent artist or an arts organization that does not have its own 501(c)(3) status.



Capitol Stairs

Vallejo’s 100-year-old Capitol Street Stairs climb the hill from downtown to Vallejo’s Historic District. This city-owned site will become a colorful destination with art tiles installed on the 52 risers. The Vallejo Community will create, enjoy and maintain the landmark stairway framed with drought tolerant hummingbird attracting, fragrant landscaping.


Soul of the City

A 60-minute documentary, explores the difficulties and challenges to Vallejo’s efforts to rise like a phoenix, often looked down on by its richer neighbors, but increasingly, a surprising oasis of diversity, openness and beauty. The program examines Vallejo’s complex and sometimes troubled past, and its hopeful but uncertain future.


Visions of the Wild

Now in its sixth year, the Festival brings the entire community together including artists, conservationists, students and teachers with the special theme of “Connecting Nature, Culture, and Community” in diverse urban and suburban communities. 


Applications are considered on an ongoing basis. There is no submission deadline. The review of your application will take place within one to two weeks of submission. You will receive notice of the decision within two TO three weeks of submitting your application. Click here to apply.



VCAF supports fiscally sponsored projects that are consistent with our IRS-approved charitable mission. Projects must be artistic in nature and may not be produced solely for commercial gain. The term project is used very broadly and may refer to a one-time project, an ongoing group or company, or even the work and career of an individual artist.