Vallejo Poet Laureate


The Poet Laureate of Vallejo is a two-year position selected through a competitive process. The Poet Laureate serves as an advocate for literacy and literature by participating in readings and other events at schools, libraries and literary festivals. The goals of program are to broaden the awareness of poetry, express the spirit of Vallejo culture through poetry and raise the level of discourse during discussion and debate in the City. 

The Poet Laureate program celebrates Vallejo’s rich culture and diversity through the work of a poet who creates excitement about the written and spoken work as well as outreach activities, special programs, teach and their individual works. The role of the Poet Laureate is to stimulate poetic impulse, foster appreciation of poetry in all its forms and serve Vallejo residents and visitors with expressions of culture through words.

Empress Gallery


The exhibition space is dedicated to presenting art created by artists throughout the Bay Area whether they are emerging talent or already established artists. Art gallery attendees will be introduced to different perspectives and ways of thinking through the viewing of this artwork. In addition, the viewers of this art may be inspired to endorse a particular cause, change their way of thinking, and/or even create their own works of art.

Empress Gallery II.jpg