Application Guidelines

    SELECTION PROCESS (Adapted from Downtown Berkeley Storefront Art Program)

    Artwork is selected on its aesthetic merits. Art will be chosen with appropriate regard for the nature of the space and the audience. Vallejo Art Windows addresses the viewer directly on the public right of way. Art must exhibit consideration for viewers’ sensitivities to violence, sexual expression, and negative portrayals of diverse populations.

    The artists will be selected based on several criteria most important: artistic merit of installation concept, appropriateness to location, feasibility of concept. Artists will be selected based on past artwork and draft concept for installation. Please do not spend too much time on creation of digital design and or drawing for the application as curator(s) will be looking for past artistic merit and strength of installation concept. Curator(s) will work with accepted artists, if necessary, to help them develop appropriate concept. Curator(s) will also work with accepted artists in selection of appropriate window spaces for their installation.

    The Curator(s) will use their sole discretion to decide on the suitability of any art, storefront location, display structure, and any visual or written material that might accompany an exhibit. The Curator(s) will consider a wide range of artistic expression in deciding on potential exhibits. However, in deciding the suitability of any work, the Curator(s) will be mindful that all segments of the community and all age groups may view these public display areas.

    Note that the storefront window spaces are unguarded, subject to intense and direct sunlight, and may not be climate-controlled.

    Please keep concept simple and have as much fabrication as possible completed in advance of installation. Artists will have 2 days access to building for installation so please plan accordingly

    Artist/Arts Collective/Representative is responsible to:

    1. Review proposed site to determine conditions are suitable for work
    2. Sign a Vallejo Art Windows (VAW) Limits of Liability Waiver.
    3. Provide art following the VAW guidelines.
    4. Professionally display the work
    5. Provide contact and bio information/artist statement. (VAW will provide one “Downtown Art Windows” sign to be placed in the window area)
    6. Display work for one year based on property availability, without interruption.
    7. Install and de-install artwork, according to the property owners’ access hours.
    8. Restore the space back to its found condition, there are no exceptions.
    9. Handle all sales. No commission is required by VAW. Donations to VCAF accepted.
    10. If needed, check exhibition to ensure all aspects are working properly.
    11. Promote the exhibit through your own arts organizations, network.
    12. Remove art quickly if space is rented or not available for display, clean space after exhibit.

    Vallejo Art Windows is responsible to:

    1. Gain approval from property owners for use of the site
    2. Coordinate entry into the space for installation
    3. Produce signage and promotional materials for the VAW program.
    4. Promote the installations via traditional and electronic media

    The Host/Property Owner

    1. Provide the site, with consideration of electrical and lighting.
    2. Sign the Limits of Liability Waiver.

    PROMOTION: Artists will gain promotional benefits and are expected to cover expenses to produce and present the work.

    INSURANCE: The artist is required to cover costs of personally insuring the work on display. VAW and its affiliates are not responsible for any damage the piece incurs during installation, presentation, de-installation, or transportation.

    INSTALLATION: The artist is required to install the artwork. The artist is required to cover costs of transportation, installation, de-installation and maintenance. Appropriate signage will be agreed upon by all partners and mounted near the artwork.

    WEAR AND TEAR: Normal processes such as fading are risks assumed by the artist.

    REMOVAL & SITE MEDIATION: The artist is responsible for de-installation and removal of the artwork, and returning the site to its original condition if necessary. Any damage during install or de-install is also assumed by the artist. Please consult with owner prior to installation where any alteration of the existing space is necessary (drilling holes, removing signage, moving furniture, etc…)

    DOCUMENTATION: The artist(s) retain sole ownership and copyright of the artwork, but agrees to grant to VCAF a royalty-free, perpetual license to use any depictions of the work for any lawful purpose such as marketing and promotion.

    TO APPLY: Electronic and mail applications will be accepted; however, on-line submissions are encouraged!

    Click here for online application

    Applications can be mailed to:

    Vallejo Community Arts Foundation (VCAF)
    Vallejo Art Windows Project
    P.O. Box 1767
    Vallejo, CA 94591

    Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

    For further help and information please email: Please include the following in the subject line of your email: Vallejo Art Windows 2017

    For questions, email