Vallejo Art Windows

    In conjunction with U.S. Forest Service
    Visions of the Wild Festival “Changing Landscapes”

    6th anniversary

    Vallejo Art Windows is a community-driven and site-specific art program accomplished through partnership with downtown property owners, the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation (VCAF) and other community and civic organizations. By bringing high quality art to empty storefronts, this ongoing project promotes the talented artists of the Bay Area and aims to increase foot traffic in the downtown retail corridor, improve the aesthetic appeal of the historic downtown, and encourage the rental of all available commercial spaces to drive a thriving downtown Vallejo. These artful windows, lit warmly every night, greet visitors and residents with an engaging and creative scene. This project continues to attract art and commerce to the area, bringing artistic flair and new vitality to our historic downtown.

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    VCAF Announces 2017 Vallejo Art Windows 6th Annual Event

    The 6th annual will be unveiled on the Second Friday Sept. 9th.

    Vallejo Art Windows is a completely volunteer public art initiative, approaching it’s 5th anniversary with  one big change on the horizon!

    Art Windows 2017 Map

    Art Windows 2017 Team

    Our team which includes Deanna Baillie, Mel Gomez, Jos Sances, Brian O’Reilly, Marilyn Manfredi, Tim MacDonald, Susan MacDonald. The remainder of the board will provide continued assistance and fundraising:  Tom Arie Donch, Ken Mullen, Leigh Beck. Contact us if you are interested in supporting this great program, all the volunteer help possible is needed to create another successful year. or 707.567.1321

    Vallejo Community Arts Foundation – VCAF

    Launched the Vallejo Art Windows Project in 2011 and has raised funds for the Vallejo Art Windows Project for the past 6 years.  We are proud of the success of this program that has enabled our community to overcome the stigma of the many vacant window prevalent in our downtown five years ago.

    A Standing Ovation to all Donors & Volunteers

    The generosity of our community with both financial and volunteer support for this project is an example of the how power of art can change our street, our community and our city.  Thanks to the cast of thousands that have participated over the years.  A special thank you to our major financial five year sponsor, Carlton Senior Living.  Also thanks to VCAF Board Members who have worked tirelessly for 6 years to raise the funds to make this project a reality.

    Mark Martin, Sean Murdock, Sandy Sangco, Lou Verenini, Gretchen Zimmerman,  Sherry Tobin, Erin Bakke, JeanCherie, Susan Noll, Pearl Trantor, Matthew Finkelstein, Brian O’Reilly, Robert Schussel, Sarah Rohrs, the staff of the Times Herald,  The Hub,  Tim and Susan McDonald,  Robert Litwin, Buck Kamphausen, Brigitta Olsen, Michelle Hightower with the City of Vallejo, Vallejo Public Works,  Central Core Restoration Corporation,. We appreciate the support of downtown property owners and managers, and the many others in our town who help to promote and support the project.

    Thank you.

    Applications Closed

    We have closed the application process and are working on getting total number of windows finalized.  We have had some challenges with this due to many new businesses in town renting or purchasing buildings where we have had art in the windows.  Also Paramount is filming and creating yet another challenge.  We will be selecting final art and assigning specific windows for each artist.  You will be notified by email.

    Art will be selected based on compatibility with the theme selected “Changing Landscapes” and final number of availability.  We are going to try to change art more often to create a more dynamic change downtown that will keep renewing the attention of the art patrons.

    The Visions of the Wild festival has an exhibition at the Temple Arts Loft “On Fire” so art work will be selected for the first round that most closely applies to this theme.

    Please be reminded that the Art Windows opening will be on Sept. 8th in conjunction with the Visions of the Wild Festival.  The Empress will be hosting the grand opening party at the Empress Lounge at 5:30 pm with a no host bar, nibbles and recognition for all of the contributing artists.

    Thank you for your submission.

    Received Applications

    We have received applications from the following artists. If you have applied and your name is not listed please contact

    Joseph Sutherland
    Judi & Joann Dandurand
    Byron Elmore
    Kryss Cote
    Chan Sicpo
    Dan Cooper
    Kathy Oja & Robert Nelson
    Ed Taylor
    Arc Solano
    Patrick Gavin Duffy
    Katie & Andy Rottner
    Rick Weyrich
    Pearl Trantor
    Yuji Morita
    Jean Cherie
    Justin Preyer
    Brian Williams
    Lawrence Everett Forbes
    Micah Ghiden
    Vickey Nebeker
    Brian O’Reilly
    VCAF Summer Arts Camp
    Obtainium Works
    Empress Theatre

    About the Event

    The VCAF Annual Windows Art Exhibition Grand Opening in conjunction U.S. Forest Service Visions of the Wild Festival Sept 7th – 11th. The Art Windows Grand Opening will be on September on Friday Sept 9th and during the Second Friday Art Walk. The Temple Arts Loft Exhibition “On Fire” and “Imaginary Landscape” at Artiszen will also have their premier on Sept 9th. Other galleries will also be participating in this 4th Annual Visions of Wild festival with the theme “Changing Landscapes” Music, street closures, street performers and vendors will also participate. Patrons will meet at the Empress Lounge at 324 Virginia St. live music, nibbles and no host premium bar.

    Interested artists can find online submission information and guidelines here, or can contact the Project Curators directly at A complete list of installation locations and information about the exhibiting artists will be available to view on the Vallejo Art Windows website following the Sept 9th launch.

    Working with involved building owners, artists, and Vallejo citizens, Vallejo Art Windows is presented by Vallejo Community Arts Foundation in partnership with the Central Core Restoration Corporation, and the Downtown A & E District Advisory Council.

    How it Works

    Working in conjunction with the downtown property owners association, Vallejo Community Arts Foundation and the city, we secure temporary installation sites inside vacant storefronts. Downtown’s art revival is creating a buzz.  As in the past, our goal is to occupy all vacant retail storefronts throughout Vallejo’s Art and Entertainment District in order to bring art to the streets of Vallejo and increase commerce in the Downtown Arts & Entertainment District. There is no entry fee or rental fee to the artist. Each space is available thanks to the generosity of downtown property owners.

    Vallejo Art Windows is looking for artwork in a variety of media from individuals and groups:

    • 2D visual art
    • sculpture
    • video or new media
    • installations

    Every exhibit-site relationship has its own set of guidelines in terms of size, visibility, and other physical requirements. Typically you will supply all the materials as well as hardware for mounting your exhibit. You should be prepared to remove your work within 15 days should the space be rented. You must agree to leave each location in the same or better condition than you found it. This means that Vallejo Art Windows or the property owner will not sustain costs to restore the location to an acceptable condition as a result of the installation.

    Artwork should have a strong visual impact and should compliment or highlight the windows and spaces where they are installed. Artists, teams of artists, and established arts, culture and history organizations are invited to apply to have artwork installed at the locations described in this application. Every installation is a one-of-a-kind experience that requires all parties to communicate about appropriate and inappropriate content for a specific installation space. Vallejo Art Windows is sensitive to the needs and limitations of the property owners and particular locations. Art that will be visible from the sidewalk should abide by the content restrictions that apply to public art.