Executive Director

    Vallejo Community Arts Foundation (VCAF) is a Public Benefit Corporation founded in 1991.

    Our mission is to facilitate and advocate community participation in the Arts, including the promotion of the rich history of the Arts in Vallejo, the development of educational programs and support for Vallejo Arts organizations, and the celebration of our cultural diversity through the expressions of Art.

    Our primary objectives and purposes are to promote and enhance public awareness, appreciation, and participation in community arts programs; to hold fundraising campaigns, social events, and community programs to promote arts and cultural facilities; to manage the receipt of funds from the City of Vallejo and other sources for allocation to cultural and arts programs; to be responsible for the overall management and funding of designated community arts facilities; and to raise and disburse funds for community arts programs and facilities.

    VCAF seeks an energetic, versatile and personable enterprising leader to serve in this newly created Executive Director role, overseeing all aspects of organizational growth and sustainability.

    Executive Director Job Description

    The Executive Director “ED” shall ensure that Vallejo Community Arts Foundation “VCAF” programs meet the organization’s mission and its established criteria for artistic quality, as well as the community’s arts needs. The ED represents the organization locally and regionally, fosters collaboration with other city and community-based agencies and advocates for the organization in fund development and to expand city and civic collaborations, business partnerships, and other professional relationships. Working with the Board of Directors, staff and organizational committees, the ED will identify VCAF’s audiences and develop programs to enrich the community culturally, and is responsible for overseeing the implementation and evaluation of programs.

    Initial First Year Objective: The function of the ED is to identify and apply for funding grants, financial sponsorships which will expand VCAF’s revenue to add these positions: Development Director and Program Manager for VCAF and manage the administrative requirements for VCAF’s existing Participating Budget funding grants.

    • Set up and organize VCAF office
    • Work with Board Members on Capitol Street Steps project and the new Public Arts grant.
    • Apply for funding for Staffing, new office, gallery, and art class/ arts camp location
    • Ensure the acquisition of funding essential for VCAF’s operations
    • Work with the Fund Development Committee to design and implement a comprehensive fund raising strategy
    • Develop contacts and build relationships for individual and corporate contributions

    Primary Long Term Objective: The function of the ED is to serve as the chief executive officer of the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation.

    Reports to: The VCAF Board of Directors

    Principal Responsibilities:

    • Assure the consistent achievement of the organization’s mission
    • Ensure the organization has an effective long term and short term strategic plan
    • Provide leadership in all aspects of the organization’s programs and operations including education programs, classes, exhibits and related public events
    • Work with Finance Committee to oversee VCAF’s financial objectives and manage the organizational budget
    • Ensure the acquisition of funding essential for VCAF’s operations
    • Work with the Fund Development Committee to design and implement a comprehensive fund raising strategy
    • Develop contacts and build relationships for individual and corporate contributions
    • Interface with the Board of Directors
      • Partner with the Board in the governance of the organization
      • Attends all Board Meetings
      • Partner with Board Chair to effectively communicate with the VCAF Board of Directors
      • Assist in the training, development and recruitment for the Board
      • Serve as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee of the Board
      • Ex-officio member of all Board committees. Provide assistance and information to all Board committees for their functioning and success
    • Hire and supervise VCAF staff
      • Develop Job Descriptions for all paid staff
      • Ensure that appropriate Human Resource policies are in effect
      • Update VCAF Employee Handbook
    • Oversee the recruitment, development and management of volunteers for a broad range of tasks and responsibilities
    • Network and collaborate with artists, other art organizations and essential community agencies
    • Represent the organization’s vision, mission activities, programs and goals, both internally and externally
    • Strive to engage the local and regional community in the work of VCAF
    • Ensure the proper maintenance of all essential records and documents
    • Ensure the compliance of the organization with Federal, State and Local regulations

    Application Procedure

    Submit the following information to with the subject line: “Executive Director Position”. We are interested in filling this position ASAP, your information will reviewed as it is received on a first come first serve basis. Interviews anticipated in February and March.

    • Cover letter stating your interest and ability for the Executive Director’s position
    • Resume demonstrating your background, education and experience

    NOTICE: All statements made on the application materials are subject to verification. Exaggerated, false or misleading statements may be cause for rejection of the application and/or termination of employment. All information contained herein does not constitute either an expressed or implied offer of employment. We reserve the right to reject any or all applications, or to terminate the selection process for any position without prior notice.

    Phone: 925-348-4448

    Deadline: 3-1-2019