VCAF Artist Spotlight – Gary Cullen

    Gary CullenGary Cullen is a freelance photographer. Having recently retired after thirty-four years as a Registered Nurse in the local community, Gary started focusing on his passion for photography and his intuition of what will look good thru a lens. His passion is to use his cameras to capture a collection of Urban/Auto/Rural Decay photos from the local area. Gary loves capturing the many dark secrets that reflect the dereliction and dilapidation of a previously inhabited urban society. “The locations I shoot, often go unnoticed by many, but are the markings of the local history”. The mix of neglect, anonymity, oxidation, and nature take on a beauty of its own. His technique is simply to use what comes naturally with the lights and shadows provided. Gary also enjoys capturing the musical scene at the Empress Theatre where he works as a volunteer. One of the things Gary has discovered is that, while a location can often be revisited, the particulars of a specific shot (timing, lighting, and mood) are unique and cannot always be duplicated.

    Gary enjoys volunteering in his community and donating his photographing skills to local non-profit organizations.